Sunday, November 10, 2013


hahaha yo whats good??

so life this week was good. Taught some lessons, felt the spirit, what more could you ask for??

We taught this one family. The lady is from Bosnia, and a Muslim, and he is catholic and from Spain. But they told us they only claim their religions to chase away the JW'S ,  haha. They are really cool, and said that if God told them that all of this was true that they were on board!   So, that made my week!!! And the dude is in the army what up!!!!

I really like this area, I am growing closer to the Lord and my testimony that he is there and has a plan for us has been strengthened. I love being in a position now where I can help other missionaries, and be a part of their success! I feel so successful on my mission.  I am truly doing what it is that the Lord expects from me. 

I love this place. Holland is sacred ground to me.

The church is true, it’s just that simple.


Elder Ipson

( As Mitch's mom, I'm taking poetic license and offering an explanation for his title.  He has nine month left to serve on his mission.  Jeez, the kid knows how to get our attention)







Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013

Yo everyone what is good???? So this week was pretty good. Elder H set his first baptismal date! Such a flippin stud. The lady we found was actually the one in a million that actually let us in the door!! So that was a pretty big miracle. We just got back from our zone p-day in eindhoven. Our zone leaders thought it would be a good idea to play what they called ultimate soccer. Or regular soccer with an excercise ball! Haha funnest thing in the world but I am pooped. So the biggest shock of my mission came this week. I was sitting in priesthood translating from English to Dutch for one of the investigators. haha not doing very well but trying. But all of the sudden who interrupted the men's club other than one of the sisters! She asked if she could borrow me for a sec, and a new translator was secured for our investigator. She asked "so could you give a baptismal interview right now"? I looked at my watch and was like ya I think I got time haha. But this was totally unplanned. She has been investigating the church for 3 years and decided enough was enough and we are having a baptism next weekend. Haha so flipping cool.

I hope that I can send pictures some how!

This lady L, during the interview was just like Elder I want you to baptize me! Haha okay.

The Lord is there and has so much in store. If we only trust in him, komt dan alles goed (then everything will work out fine). Haha Really shock of the mission. Well I love you guys and will see you soon.... this is my last september. I refuse to quit, I will FINISH STRONG. The church is true it's that simple

 Elder Ipson

 Elder Mitch Ipson
Zeswegenlaan 295
6412 HK, Heerlen

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 13:36:15 +0200
 so, if any of you are wondering what i look like, that emoticon is pretty much it. It is so freaking hot here.
Well, this week was really hot, and it doesn´t help that our apartment has pretty much the worst ventilation on the face of the planet and it doesn´t help when you open up the back windows all the way just to get some circulation and a freaking bat flies in..... and then you and your companion you are on exchanges with are running around and screaming like little girls trying to catch/destroy this little rodent with wings.... haha very interesting week.
Well tomorrow is my 1 year mark, I geuss that means its time to throw it in high gear and use what I know!!!
next month in september will be the baptism/reactivation of one of the coolest families I have ever met on my mission, I am so excited for that.
Now behold my beloved brethren this is the doctrine of Christ (2 nephi 31:20). I love that scripture, Nephi tells us plain and simple what it is we need to do. Man I can´t wait to meet that guy. I get to play a role in this part for another year, I am so freakin pumped!!!
Wit luv
Elder Ipson


Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 11:35:58 +0200
Yo whats good?!
I´m on top of the world this week. We had such a good week, and just awesome experiences. Haha one of them was when we talked to this crazy drunk guy who was just being weird and saying we were police and not mormons, and then claimed to be a member. Elder L said the following about him "I think he got cracked before he got hatched" I about died laughing.
Life is good, over 2 weeks I and M will be getting married, and on the 21st of september M will be baptized. Man, so awesome to be here for all of it.  I know I will probably be getting transferred, because everytime things start going amazing, and miracles are all over I get transferred haha. But i´m on the Lords time not mine, so no complaints.
I will have been gone for 1 year exactly come this thursday..... time goes alot faster than I would like it too, but i am only propelled more to do my best. I want to be the best Elder Ipson I can be, and leave a lasting impression on all those that I serve. That is my goal.
I love this church, it is the Church of Christ and its just that simple
With love,
Elder Ipson

Sunday, July 14, 2013


So Elder S has been saying that all week, so I thought I would put it as the subject. This week has been low on numbers but high on experiences, and that is what counts. We had so many miracles this week, we had a spanish family that we got to walk all around Rotterdam with and teach the plan of salvation, we talked to a chinese student about Jesus Christ and his atonement, and last but not least, I gave a blessing in Dutch! The Blessing was the highlight of the week. I had no fears of language, I didn´t worry about what I had to say I just let myself be puddy in the Lords hands. But I feel I only felt that way because of the Love I had for the person. The person was the family that I spoke of when I first got here. __ is really stressed out, and asked for our help. So obviously we went to our friends aid. After the blessing, I gave the __ a big hug. I didnt want to let go of my friend. The experiences we have here are truly once in a life time. I read in 1 ne. 15 this week, that the lord has engraven the house of Israel on his palms (referencing obviously to his atonement and suffering for us on the cross) and we will never be forgotten. And it´s true, Christ will never forget us. He has felt our pains and our sorrows. He is the one who can best say I know, I felt it too. He is there for us, always. He is but a mere prayer away. I am so grateful that I get to serve him here in this blessed country for the next two years, and will do my best to make the calling great. I know its true, and I join in with millions of others in the sentence of the hymn "o sweet the joy this sentence gives I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES!!) In zijn heilige naam, Jezus Christus, Amen. With Love Elder Ipson

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


As Mitch's mom I've decided to excercise a little poetic license and do a post on the "Dutch Elder's" blog.  It is officially Mitch's 20th birthday right now.

 It really does seem like yesterday that he was born.  I still remember the feeling of finally getting to hold him when he was born.  He was really tiny and scrawny.  He was red all over (which is a good color, blue means the baby is not breathing-bad color), he had a little patch of strawberry blonde colored hair.  Within a matter of days he was cover from the tip of his pointy little head to the very tips of his tiny toes with baby acne.  I could not believe how bad it was.  The dermatologist that I worked for at the time was also amazed but, of course, there was nothing he could do for poor Mitch.  We just had to "wait it out" until his skin and hormones adjusted to life on the wonderful earth that we inhabit. 

Ross and I were about 32 years old (but whose counting?) when we had Mitch.  Yes, I was asked many times if Mitch was my grandson.  One day when I was picking him up from kindergarten, one of the kids yelled, "Mitch your grandma's here to get you".  When Mitch saw that it was just me, not his grandma, he yelled back, "she's just my mom".  Oh well, when you're older those kinds of things don't bother you because trying to keep up with young children makes you feel like a grandma.

Mitch was always a handful  but in a good way.  He loved to tease every person that walked on this planet.  There were many times I thought I would die of embarrasment from something that he had said or from something that he had done., or both. 

He has grown into a fun loving and responsible adult.  He has always known what he wanted to accomplish in this life and so far nothing has stopped him from reaching his goals.  Luckily, his goals have always been positive and good.  At least, as far as I know and believe me I really do know more than I want to about some of his "adventures".  I apologize to any of you who have been included in any "adventures" that you were not happy with. 

I love you Mitch and I am so very proud of you. 

Mama Bear

P.S.  I'm going to make sure to print this post so that when you get home and I'm ready for you to go back to The Netherlands because you're teasing me, I can read it and remember how I felt on your 20th "birth" day.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Once again, I bring you my best regards,

I hope all is well first off! Second off happy mothers day to all of you mom´s out there!! You have a big task to fulfill which honestly probably isn´t thanked enough, so I salute you!!!

A big lesson on the power of prayer came to me this week as the experience of the week takes place. Not only that of my own, but also that of many around the world. (Particularly I believe that of my mom). We had a pretty rough week, and to be honest it was a little discouraging, I did my best to smile through it but it was starting to get the best of me. But I remembered something I had learned from Elder M and our experiences together in Vlissingen and that was `Wait for Sunday`. So my prayer was that something would happen on sunday, something it didn´t have to be huge but just to let me know that the Lord was still there by my side. We had an appointment with a lady that day and we weren´t so sure that she would be home (as that is the case with most people from S). But she was home, she told us how she didn´t have lots of time because she had to go to the police station to get her daughter checked out as the daughter was strangled by her ex-husband, obviously that was something really important, so we asked her if we could just come back another time, she said she had time and wanted to "feel peace" so we stayed. The events of this appointment may be the highlight of my mission. She bore her testimony of the gospel, and we bore ours, then the daughter bore hers, by the end they all were willing to follow the spirit and committed to entering the waters of baptism.

Now I don´t focus on the numbers. Because they aren´t important, they show the progress of our investigators not our own. But I gained a huge testimony of prayer specifically knock and its shall be opened. It is because of all of your prayers even if its "please bless the missionaries" that these miracles happen, naturally I have to do something too, but thank you all so much. I appreciate all of your support, and hope all is well with all of you.

Elder Ipson.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I love this video.  I first saw it on Pinterest.  I hope you all like it as well. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


April 22, 2013

Dear Friends, Family, Aquaintances, Buddy, and Fat Louis,

So I just came to the realization as of today I have been on the Lords errand for 8 months... Where the heck does the time go? man..

Well we had a super cool Miracle this week. We called up an inactive member (we decided to work to reactivate the members here as there are lots, and do finding that way) and this man amazes me to ever extent and definition of the word amazing. He said that he wanted us to come over and it would be fine to get to know us, but his girlfriend is interested in the church. And he can´t teach her or tell her about the church because he doesn´t have the spirit with him right now. So we went over there and got to meet them. They have had a now 8 week old baby together and are looking for eternal marraige.So to put a long story short, they obviously have to get married first, but as of today M is our first baptismal date here in Rotterdam.  He (I) used to be a semi-pro MMA fighter (we get along great) and she is just the kindest most honest seeker of truth. When she accepted baptism there was not hesitation in her voice. It was soooo cooollll. Please pray for them, as when this happens, these two will/are kingdom builders. These people are so amazing.

 I have gained such a testimony of the fact that when things are going good between you and your companion, that you will have good lessons. Unity is essential. "If ye are not one ye are not mine". It's essential to everything.

Well attached are some photos I hope you enjoy.

PS:The pictures of flowers and stuff with wooden shoes are from Keukenhof. We got to go after our Temple Conference it was super cool.

thats all folks.

Caption for me and Elder Sumter.... Ebony and Ivory!!!




The shirt:Orange is supposed to be spelled Oranje, thats the dutch spelling
(Don´t worry mom, I only wear the orange shirt to bed.)

Monday, April 8, 2013


Dear Everyone,

This week has been one of remembrance and repentance for me. Of remembering how good the Lord has been to me, and repenting of my memory loss, and turning towards the Lord.

I would like to relate a story:

 We were walking along at my favorite part of Turnhout; there is a super cool bridge that lights up at night that goes over a beautiful canal. This was midday, and the setting was perfect. We were walking along talking about who knows what, when I looked up and saw a young woman walking towards me, I got the impression to talk to her. As I had decided to follow every impression I talked to her about the Book of Mormon, and how much joy and knowledge it has brought me. She said of course, “I'll take it, Joy is always welcome.” We said we would like to share a message about it. She said” right now?” Now generally, my first reaction is to say “well you look busy, we could come by tonight “, but instead in words not of my own, I said yes now. We taught her about it and its origins right on the spot and it was so nice there were no other people to bother us, no busy streets, just the spirit. Now after this was done, she said,”ok thank you very much I will read in this for sure.” We gave her a card and told her to call us she said she would.... Now at first reaction I thought you idiot why didn't you get her number?!! Or address?! But a calming sensation overwhelmed me and said just to let it go.

It is now my knowledge that that mighty change of heart comes with a submissiveness to the lords will. To know that when acting in the spirit, nothing will go wrong. Because with a perfect being leading us, we can never be lead wrong. I am so grateful for the spirit and its guiding influence in my life. That it can be here to bless the lives of others. This is true, and life couldn't get better.

 In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Ipson

 After we got this email from Mitch he sent another one.   He has been transferred in an "emergency" transfer to Roterdam.  He didn't give any details so I guess we will be in suspense until he sends an email next week. 


Sunday, March 24, 2013


Life has been a little slow for Elder Mitch and so I thought you might like to read an email he sent a few weeks ago. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Well this week once again not too much success, but its still getting better every week!!!! I'm doing my best and I feel thats what the Lord wants from me is to just keep trying, to "just keep walking" in the words of Elder Holland. And I know that success is just around the river bend, I just have to follow the spirit and listen to what the Lord has for me.

I gained such a huge appreciation and testimony of prayer. I don't know that I have ever felt such love and comfort as I did last night. As I sat conversing with my Father in Heaven about the week, I just felt like this last week is in the past. That I need to "Akunamatata" and let the Lord do his thing, and soon enough they will come. But I am bound and determined to make it happen. As I keep my hand in the hand of the Lords, I know things will happen that are good. Patience is key (right dad haha).

This church is true. Everything makes sense. We have a prophet on the earth today, and as we kneel in prayer to our father in heaven and follow the council of his prophet life will be ok. Its never easy, and it never will be. But through faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be empowered. And have strength to do the hard things in our life. I know the blessings of obedience, and obedience to the commandments that the Lord has placed before us are for our own good. Because he knows better. He knows what will harm us, and will protect us. What will bring us despair, and what will bring us comfort. This time on earth is but a short time, and WHEN we endure with our faith, we will be filled with light and we can be happy! That is the promise of the Atonement. Is happiness in this life, and in the next. I leave this witness with you brothers and sisters that Jesus is the Christ. That the only way back is through him, and that his arms are always stretched open, and in the words of Elder Holland "You have never traveled beyond the reach of divine love". In de naam van onze Verlosser Jezus Christus. Amen.

Always there for you,
Elder Ipson


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ale' manneke!

or according to Google Translate: Ale Little Man Is the title of Mitch's current email. Not quite sure what he means but I'm sure eventually he will explain it to me. The inevitable has happened--yes, you guessed it--the dreaded transfer.

Mitch has been serving in Vlissigen, Netherlands for the four months he has been in the country. He loved it and was very comfortabl there.  He was transferred to Turnhout, Belgium. In his own words "holy cow", I don't know crap". Well his grammar is still terrible. He is dying because he said: "I can't understand a word that is being said. I hope people don't think I'm being rude but it's hard to pay attention when I don't have a clue what the conversation is about". I think he will end up loving this area almost as much as Vlissingen. He is out of his comfort zone and I know that that is one of the points of being transferred, not only to have different experiences but to also have a chance to meet new friends.

The branch he is serving in is larger than the one in Vlissingen. I think he may be a little overwhelmed with the culture shock. He is also missing the Van Eijzeren Family, I can't blame him for that.

I believe that the Spirit or Light within ourselves attracts others that radiate similar light. I know that Mitch will make some great friends in this area. When our Stake President set him apart as a full time missionary, Mitch was blessed with the gift of tongues and that he would love the people just like his own family. I believe that with all of my heart, otherwise I probably couldn't stand this separation called serving a mission. I've learned that "I can do hard things". I know Mitch has learned that too.

Of course, I don't have any details about his companion yet except for Mitch said he is awesome. Hopefully, Mitch will have time to give us some details soon.

Monday, February 18, 2013


I had better make this update quick. Times are changing more quickly than I can keep up with. Mitch's new companion in Vlissingen is Elder Tyler Mathis. He is from Lehi, Utah. It will be fun for Mitch to serve with him. He is tall just like Mitch's first companion, Elder Van De Graaff. Mitch thinks it's quite comical to knock on doors with them. The person answering the door will look up and then down. The look on their face is hysterical those are Mitch's words. He loves his companion. He feels like Vlissingen is his home away from home. He loves the Van Eijzeren Family and so do we. Brother Van Eijzeren is the Branch President. Sister Van Eijzeren keeps us up to date on Mitch's happenings and supplies the majority of the photos we get. With out her we would not have any detailed information. They are what I think of as true Christians. They are constantly serving. They have taken care of my son and his companion: they have made sure they were well fed, spiritualy as well as temporally. They have opened their home to all as a haven from the storms of life. They also serve their friends; members and non members alike. They care and attend to those they know have needs. Whether these friends are alone and down or are in need of physicial items. They know them and they are taken care of. They supply us with a weekly list of names that the Elders would like us to pray for. They give not only a list of names but they give us a brief description of the people on the list. I love the information for the ones who have children and are looking for a quiet haven amid their trials. I have often told Mitch that the feeling we leave people with is what they remember. Our Church leaders give us goals to meet. Our Church keeps track of all of our members and that involves numbers. Numbers are important for record keeping. But ultimately the people themselves are what is important whether they are members or not. Many are not interested in attending a church or in changing their religion. For most of us religion is not just attending a meeting on Sunday but it is our culture. That is extremely difficult to change. He needs to love the people. I know that he loves the people of Vlissingen. The Van Eijzeren Family have led the way for him. I know his time in Vlissingen is coming to a close. It's always hard to start a new chapter in life but this is going to be extremely difficult for him. Our Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and will give Mitch the strength that he needs to make this transition to a new adventure. I am also sad that he will be leaving but I too know that change is necessary for growth. My son has out grown me in ways that are multitude. I hope that some day I too will have the Spiritual maturity that he has. His strength in purpose and in his goals has amazed me. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for the strength that Mitch has brought to our family. Amen.


Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well it's happened.  Mitch was worried that he would receive the call Sunday night and be transferred, but actually the phone call was for his companion, Elder Van De Graaff.  Elder VDG was made a zone leader in a place called Neeman.  It's in the northern part of The Netherlands, close to the Austrian border.  Mitch was sad to say goodbye but he knew that it would come.

Mitch's new companion is Elder Mathis.  I don't know anything about him yet, and I won't know until the Van  Eijzeren's write to us to give us the details.  Mitch is always in a "hurry" when he emails. 

They did have another baptism.  Sister,  Ijeoma Francisca Ibechukwu. she is from Nigeria and is learning to speak Dutch, so the service was in English.  She is 32 years old and she came to The Netherlands because of the war in her country, her dad and brother were killed and she does not know where her mom is.  Pretty sad story, it reminds me that I should be more grateful for what I have.

Back to Mitch.  It snowed in Vlissingen.  Birgitta Van Eijeren sent pictures to me, thank heavens.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

As you can see by the picture Mitch loves the food in the Netherlands.  In one of his emails he made the comment, "Holy Good Food Batman", over an awesome dinner someone fixed for them.  A totally new expression for Mitch. However, it does give a pretty awesome picture of the food he had. 

This Sunday is transfer Sunday so he's worried he will get moved.  It would be nice if he could finish out the time that his companion, Elder Van De Graaff has left.  I think he only has about a month before he comes home. 

The baptism that they had was an ederly woman, 75 years.  Her 80 year-old husband performed the baptism.  He had been a member for about 40 years.  Someone asked if she was doing a  "death bed repentence thing".  Mitch said some of the questions in the baptism interview were hard to ask her.


Monday, January 7, 2013


Mitch is loving his mission.  Right now he is serving in a small town on the North Sea called, Vlissigen.  They build ships there.  They have the North Sea on one side and a large River on one side.  they are not surrounded by water but there is a ferry if they need to use it. 

His companion is Elder Van De Graaff.  He is from Chicago, but has Dutch roots.  His mother is originally from the Netherlands.  While growing up Elder VDG was able to visit his grandmother there.  His father served a mission to the Netherlands.  His mom told me she is more Dutch than his dad.

They have been assigned to an area that has been closed for about five years.  They have become very close to the Branch President and his family.  There are 25 members in the branch.  The branch is small but the members are very close.  They had one baptism in December and have another scheduled for this Saturday.  Alot of their baptisms fall through but Mitch is still staying positive.