Thursday, January 10, 2013

As you can see by the picture Mitch loves the food in the Netherlands.  In one of his emails he made the comment, "Holy Good Food Batman", over an awesome dinner someone fixed for them.  A totally new expression for Mitch. However, it does give a pretty awesome picture of the food he had. 

This Sunday is transfer Sunday so he's worried he will get moved.  It would be nice if he could finish out the time that his companion, Elder Van De Graaff has left.  I think he only has about a month before he comes home. 

The baptism that they had was an ederly woman, 75 years.  Her 80 year-old husband performed the baptism.  He had been a member for about 40 years.  Someone asked if she was doing a  "death bed repentence thing".  Mitch said some of the questions in the baptism interview were hard to ask her.


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