Sunday, March 24, 2013


Life has been a little slow for Elder Mitch and so I thought you might like to read an email he sent a few weeks ago. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Well this week once again not too much success, but its still getting better every week!!!! I'm doing my best and I feel thats what the Lord wants from me is to just keep trying, to "just keep walking" in the words of Elder Holland. And I know that success is just around the river bend, I just have to follow the spirit and listen to what the Lord has for me.

I gained such a huge appreciation and testimony of prayer. I don't know that I have ever felt such love and comfort as I did last night. As I sat conversing with my Father in Heaven about the week, I just felt like this last week is in the past. That I need to "Akunamatata" and let the Lord do his thing, and soon enough they will come. But I am bound and determined to make it happen. As I keep my hand in the hand of the Lords, I know things will happen that are good. Patience is key (right dad haha).

This church is true. Everything makes sense. We have a prophet on the earth today, and as we kneel in prayer to our father in heaven and follow the council of his prophet life will be ok. Its never easy, and it never will be. But through faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be empowered. And have strength to do the hard things in our life. I know the blessings of obedience, and obedience to the commandments that the Lord has placed before us are for our own good. Because he knows better. He knows what will harm us, and will protect us. What will bring us despair, and what will bring us comfort. This time on earth is but a short time, and WHEN we endure with our faith, we will be filled with light and we can be happy! That is the promise of the Atonement. Is happiness in this life, and in the next. I leave this witness with you brothers and sisters that Jesus is the Christ. That the only way back is through him, and that his arms are always stretched open, and in the words of Elder Holland "You have never traveled beyond the reach of divine love". In de naam van onze Verlosser Jezus Christus. Amen.

Always there for you,
Elder Ipson