Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ale' manneke!

or according to Google Translate: Ale Little Man Is the title of Mitch's current email. Not quite sure what he means but I'm sure eventually he will explain it to me. The inevitable has happened--yes, you guessed it--the dreaded transfer.

Mitch has been serving in Vlissigen, Netherlands for the four months he has been in the country. He loved it and was very comfortabl there.  He was transferred to Turnhout, Belgium. In his own words "holy cow", I don't know crap". Well his grammar is still terrible. He is dying because he said: "I can't understand a word that is being said. I hope people don't think I'm being rude but it's hard to pay attention when I don't have a clue what the conversation is about". I think he will end up loving this area almost as much as Vlissingen. He is out of his comfort zone and I know that that is one of the points of being transferred, not only to have different experiences but to also have a chance to meet new friends.

The branch he is serving in is larger than the one in Vlissingen. I think he may be a little overwhelmed with the culture shock. He is also missing the Van Eijzeren Family, I can't blame him for that.

I believe that the Spirit or Light within ourselves attracts others that radiate similar light. I know that Mitch will make some great friends in this area. When our Stake President set him apart as a full time missionary, Mitch was blessed with the gift of tongues and that he would love the people just like his own family. I believe that with all of my heart, otherwise I probably couldn't stand this separation called serving a mission. I've learned that "I can do hard things". I know Mitch has learned that too.

Of course, I don't have any details about his companion yet except for Mitch said he is awesome. Hopefully, Mitch will have time to give us some details soon.

Monday, February 18, 2013


I had better make this update quick. Times are changing more quickly than I can keep up with. Mitch's new companion in Vlissingen is Elder Tyler Mathis. He is from Lehi, Utah. It will be fun for Mitch to serve with him. He is tall just like Mitch's first companion, Elder Van De Graaff. Mitch thinks it's quite comical to knock on doors with them. The person answering the door will look up and then down. The look on their face is hysterical those are Mitch's words. He loves his companion. He feels like Vlissingen is his home away from home. He loves the Van Eijzeren Family and so do we. Brother Van Eijzeren is the Branch President. Sister Van Eijzeren keeps us up to date on Mitch's happenings and supplies the majority of the photos we get. With out her we would not have any detailed information. They are what I think of as true Christians. They are constantly serving. They have taken care of my son and his companion: they have made sure they were well fed, spiritualy as well as temporally. They have opened their home to all as a haven from the storms of life. They also serve their friends; members and non members alike. They care and attend to those they know have needs. Whether these friends are alone and down or are in need of physicial items. They know them and they are taken care of. They supply us with a weekly list of names that the Elders would like us to pray for. They give not only a list of names but they give us a brief description of the people on the list. I love the information for the ones who have children and are looking for a quiet haven amid their trials. I have often told Mitch that the feeling we leave people with is what they remember. Our Church leaders give us goals to meet. Our Church keeps track of all of our members and that involves numbers. Numbers are important for record keeping. But ultimately the people themselves are what is important whether they are members or not. Many are not interested in attending a church or in changing their religion. For most of us religion is not just attending a meeting on Sunday but it is our culture. That is extremely difficult to change. He needs to love the people. I know that he loves the people of Vlissingen. The Van Eijzeren Family have led the way for him. I know his time in Vlissingen is coming to a close. It's always hard to start a new chapter in life but this is going to be extremely difficult for him. Our Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and will give Mitch the strength that he needs to make this transition to a new adventure. I am also sad that he will be leaving but I too know that change is necessary for growth. My son has out grown me in ways that are multitude. I hope that some day I too will have the Spiritual maturity that he has. His strength in purpose and in his goals has amazed me. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for the strength that Mitch has brought to our family. Amen.