Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ale' manneke!

or according to Google Translate: Ale Little Man Is the title of Mitch's current email. Not quite sure what he means but I'm sure eventually he will explain it to me. The inevitable has happened--yes, you guessed it--the dreaded transfer.

Mitch has been serving in Vlissigen, Netherlands for the four months he has been in the country. He loved it and was very comfortabl there.  He was transferred to Turnhout, Belgium. In his own words "holy cow", I don't know crap". Well his grammar is still terrible. He is dying because he said: "I can't understand a word that is being said. I hope people don't think I'm being rude but it's hard to pay attention when I don't have a clue what the conversation is about". I think he will end up loving this area almost as much as Vlissingen. He is out of his comfort zone and I know that that is one of the points of being transferred, not only to have different experiences but to also have a chance to meet new friends.

The branch he is serving in is larger than the one in Vlissingen. I think he may be a little overwhelmed with the culture shock. He is also missing the Van Eijzeren Family, I can't blame him for that.

I believe that the Spirit or Light within ourselves attracts others that radiate similar light. I know that Mitch will make some great friends in this area. When our Stake President set him apart as a full time missionary, Mitch was blessed with the gift of tongues and that he would love the people just like his own family. I believe that with all of my heart, otherwise I probably couldn't stand this separation called serving a mission. I've learned that "I can do hard things". I know Mitch has learned that too.

Of course, I don't have any details about his companion yet except for Mitch said he is awesome. Hopefully, Mitch will have time to give us some details soon.

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  1. Our sons are in the same Zone. Look for a Canucklehead (Canadian) who goes by the name of Elder Burgess.