Sunday, November 10, 2013


hahaha yo whats good??

so life this week was good. Taught some lessons, felt the spirit, what more could you ask for??

We taught this one family. The lady is from Bosnia, and a Muslim, and he is catholic and from Spain. But they told us they only claim their religions to chase away the JW'S ,  haha. They are really cool, and said that if God told them that all of this was true that they were on board!   So, that made my week!!! And the dude is in the army what up!!!!

I really like this area, I am growing closer to the Lord and my testimony that he is there and has a plan for us has been strengthened. I love being in a position now where I can help other missionaries, and be a part of their success! I feel so successful on my mission.  I am truly doing what it is that the Lord expects from me. 

I love this place. Holland is sacred ground to me.

The church is true, it’s just that simple.


Elder Ipson

( As Mitch's mom, I'm taking poetic license and offering an explanation for his title.  He has nine month left to serve on his mission.  Jeez, the kid knows how to get our attention)

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